Monday, 25 March 2013

Ashley Roberts Braided Hairstyle Using OSiS+

A couple of weeks ago ImmediatePR were looking for 3 girls to re-create Ashley Roberts Braided hairstyle from the Dancing On Ice Semi Final using Schwarzkopf OSiS+ products. I was one of the 3 girls that was chosen to re-create the very pretty hairstyle. The products I was Sent were Osis Freeze Pump strong hold Spray, Osis Curl me Soft curl cream, Osis Magic anti-frizz serum and Osis Sparkler shine spray.

Image from Ultimate Ashley Roberts 

I will admit that i found this very difficult to do by myself. I think some extra help from a friend or my mum would of made a big difference. However I haven't been able to take the time out to go to my mums house for help so I had to make do. This hair style is extremely difficult to do with clip in hair extensions so you will need to have fairly long hair naturally to do this. The products themselves are brilliant and I have been using them for other hairstyles to give them a good testing out. 

Step 1, Apply OSiS Curl Me Soft cream to damp hair and leave to dry. Use tongs or rollers to add bounce.

Step 2, Part your hair straight down the center to the nape of the neck

Step 3, On one side french braid the hair from the nape up to the front of the hair line and then carry on braiding until you run out of hair. Repeat this on the other side and finish the plaits with a small amount of OSiS Freeze spray

Step 4, Cross over the two braids at the front and pin them into the already french braided hair.

Step 5, To make it more edgy, gently pull and loosen the braids to give a less perfect look.

Step 6, Run some OSiS Magic serum through the hair to stop any frizz and then finish with OSiS Sparkler spray for a red carpet look. 

This is a really pretty hair style and would be perfect in the summer with a little summer dress to keep your hair off your face in the heat. It's hard to imagine the summer with all this cold weather but it will be here soon (i hope). This hairstyle would also be lovely to wear to a wedding or christening. 


  1. Aw yours looks lovely! I don't think my hair was long enough to make it look as tidy as yours does, I'm hoping by summer my hair will have grown then I can wear it the way I've pictured it in my head haha. But yours does look so pretty :) xxx

  2. Wow such a cute and unique style haha :) I'm going to try this! Check out my blog if you want :)
    Penny Rose

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