Sunday, 13 January 2013

All Time Make Up Favourites

With all the new and exciting product that are coming out and i'm eagerly buying I have started to realise that a lot of my older products are being completely forgotten about and left in a draw to gather dust. So i have decided to wipe the dust off and compile a list of my all time favourites. Over the last couple of weeks these products have become part of my everyday routine and I am absolutely loving them. 

First is Hot Mama blush from The Balm Cosmetics. I bought this from Brandalley a couple of years ago and it was one of the first products that got me completely obsessed with make up and blogging! I've also heard it's a dupe to Nars, Orgasm!

Estee Lauder Double Wear is one of my newest additions. I have struggled for years to find that perfect foundation as I have oily skin with a few dry areas and need a foundation that stays on for long periods of time due to my job but has a more dewy finish. This ticks nearly every box, by the end of an 16 hour working day it looks exactly like it did when i left the house, and after having it on for a couple of hours it starts to look nice and glowy! 

Bourjois 'chocolate bronzer' as i've always called it. I discovered this through youtube hype and decided to jump on the bandwagon. It smells good, gives a sublte colours and it last ages, ive had it over a year and it's still nearly full. I use it as a contour on my cheeks and the side of my nose.

Natural Collection Loose Powder. I have used this ever since i can remember. As a young teen cheap make up was all i could afford but i've actually found this to be the best powder i've tried to date. not bad for £1.99

I use Rimmel eyeshadow in 'Dusk' to fill in my eyebrows. I find eyeshadow gives a much softer more natural look than an eyebrow pencil. Finding a dark eyeshadow without shimmer is virtually impossible to find unless it's in a palette so this is perfect.

I have used Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara forever. I have never used anything else and i get multiple compliments a day on my eyelashes. I swear buy it and have always gone straight back to it after trying something new just to review. I couldn't rave about this product enough!

Barry M dazzle dust was the first piece of make up I ever bought, simply because it looked pretty. I bought a white and a pink, with absolutely no intension of using it. But I have recently re-discovered my love for it but this time i'm actually using it! The white looks amazing on the inner corners of the lid. 

Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Petal is a gorgeous light coral colour which for me is a bit of a my lips but better colour. not too light, not too dark and not too bright.

I actually got this Jemma Kidd lipgloss in Red magazine last year as a freebie but it has to be the best freebie i've ever had. it's £22 full price which is expensive but it has to be by far the best lipgloss i have ever used. I am just getting down to the last scrapings now which is the first time I have every done that with a lipgloss.


  1. I'm doing the exact same at the moment, in the hope that during 2013 I can really downsize my makeup collection to the bare minimum/my favourite products. I've been using the chocolate bronzer, i dont think I will ever finish it, it seems to never want to hit pan! haha

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. Must try the Natural Collection mascara! never tried it but i hate buying mascaras so it will be nice and purse friendly for me! :)

    I also have a love for the chocolate bronzer :P had it ages and it never seems to wear down! :) x


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