Monday, 28 January 2013

50 Random Facts About Me

1, I have a HUGE phobia of spiders. Even a drawing or photograph can give me panic attacks.
2, I eat Mayonnaise on everything, even roast dinner. 
3, I hate Sweetcorn, if it's in my food I will sit and pick every piece out of it before I can eat it. 
4, I don't like watching films, I get bored after half an hour.
5, I was reversed into by an Ambulance.
6, I used to have my wrist pierced.
7, I am a cat person. Mine are like my children. 
8, I don't eat beef.
9, I can play the Clarinet and the Saxophone. 
10, I always wear socks, even to bed.
11, When I was born, I weighed 9lb 9oz, OUCH. 
12, My job keeps me sane, yet we're all as mad as each other
13, I find it really hard to spend money.
14, I am a terrible nail bitter. My hands are an embarrassment.
15, I rarely eat chocolate, I can take it or leave it. 
16, I hated school and would never go back. 
17, I can't swim.
18, I draw like a 5 year old.
19, I've always wanted to live on a farm, but live in a new build house on an estate. 
20, I only drink sparkling water or tea.
21, One of my best friends has the same surname as me
22, I hate being centre of attention but quite often am.
23, Liam and I have been together nearly 4 years.
24, I live in Wiltshire but don't have the accent at all.
25, I love singing, but I'm not very good. 
26, I hate hot showers, it has to be warm.
27, I will always win an argument.
28, Giraffes are my favourite animal.
29, Thinking about space really scares me.
30, I have my tongue pierced.
31, I'm 5ft 8".
32, I have a huge family, I am one of 14 grandchildren.
33, I have really small ears.
34, I have 1 sister who is 2 years younger than me.
35, Liam and I first moved in together when I was 17.
36, I take a lot of photographs.
37, I failed 3 driving tests for speeding.
38, I love being outdoors.
39, My nickname is Mamfee.
40, I never believe in myself, which often means I fail.
41, I love to dance but only if it's choreographed.
42, I am always late.
43, I was a rebel at school and spent most days in detention or excluded. I don't regret it but I'm not proud. 
44, When i was 10 my sister broke my little finger.
45, I'm a really good cook.
46, When i drink tea, it's usually Earl Grey.
47, I never leave the house without make up on, not because I'm self conscious but because I don't feel awake and ready for the day. 
48, My best friend is also my boyfriend. 
49, I work in a supermarket, but really love my job.
50, After I left school I made some massive changes in my life for the better and am now a completely different person. So much so, that a lot of people don't recognise me anymore. 

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pretty Hair Bun

I saw this idea on Instagram a few weeks back and thought I'd try it out for myself. It's surprisingly easy and looks so pretty! Here is how I done it..

  • I clipped in a few wefts of my Bobbyglam Hair Extensions and tied my hair into a high ponytail. 
  • I used my doughnut and put that over the ponytail which will make the shape of the bun
  • I did 5 plaits in about half the hair and then used the left over hair to cover the doughnut and make the bun. 
  • I then smoothed the hair over the doughnut keeping the plaits separate and secured with with a hair band.
  • I then carefully placed the plaits evenly over the top of the bun and secured them with a hair band. 
  • Just to tie up the loose ends I twisted them around the bun to get the finished result. 

It is much easier than you would think and only takes about 20minutes with about 10 minutes of that being spent on plaiting (plaits take much longer than you realise). This is perfect for those days when you're in between washes or if you want something a little different. 

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Snow Day!

I'm so glad we got some snow this year! I say some but I really mean lots of, as we had 6 inches in about 3 hours and are sue some more tonight. The South West was late to get their helping but it hasn't disappointed. I was lucky that the snow fitted in around my working hours this weekend so i've been able to go out and enjoy it. Me, Liam and my DSLR went for a walk early friday morning and again on Saturday, and I went to my parents house to build a snowman today which was a lot of fun. Link me your snow day photos, I love looking at what everyone else is up to in the snow 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Catch Up Haul

Having been absent from my blog for so long, I wanted to update you on all the new things I have bought in the mean time. Some are not blog worthy but i've included some of the best newbies in my collection. It has taken much longer than I imagined to settle into my new house, and now christmas is out the way and i've left my second job at Center Parcs (yay, I have my evenings back), i'm hoping to get into more of a routine with my blog. I'm not promising, just hoping and trying... 

Real Techniques Powder Brush

MUA Eyeshadow in Matte

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Shading Brush 
MAC - Creme Cup

Sunday, 13 January 2013

All Time Make Up Favourites

With all the new and exciting product that are coming out and i'm eagerly buying I have started to realise that a lot of my older products are being completely forgotten about and left in a draw to gather dust. So i have decided to wipe the dust off and compile a list of my all time favourites. Over the last couple of weeks these products have become part of my everyday routine and I am absolutely loving them. 

First is Hot Mama blush from The Balm Cosmetics. I bought this from Brandalley a couple of years ago and it was one of the first products that got me completely obsessed with make up and blogging! I've also heard it's a dupe to Nars, Orgasm!

Estee Lauder Double Wear is one of my newest additions. I have struggled for years to find that perfect foundation as I have oily skin with a few dry areas and need a foundation that stays on for long periods of time due to my job but has a more dewy finish. This ticks nearly every box, by the end of an 16 hour working day it looks exactly like it did when i left the house, and after having it on for a couple of hours it starts to look nice and glowy! 

Bourjois 'chocolate bronzer' as i've always called it. I discovered this through youtube hype and decided to jump on the bandwagon. It smells good, gives a sublte colours and it last ages, ive had it over a year and it's still nearly full. I use it as a contour on my cheeks and the side of my nose.

Natural Collection Loose Powder. I have used this ever since i can remember. As a young teen cheap make up was all i could afford but i've actually found this to be the best powder i've tried to date. not bad for £1.99

I use Rimmel eyeshadow in 'Dusk' to fill in my eyebrows. I find eyeshadow gives a much softer more natural look than an eyebrow pencil. Finding a dark eyeshadow without shimmer is virtually impossible to find unless it's in a palette so this is perfect.

I have used Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara forever. I have never used anything else and i get multiple compliments a day on my eyelashes. I swear buy it and have always gone straight back to it after trying something new just to review. I couldn't rave about this product enough!

Barry M dazzle dust was the first piece of make up I ever bought, simply because it looked pretty. I bought a white and a pink, with absolutely no intension of using it. But I have recently re-discovered my love for it but this time i'm actually using it! The white looks amazing on the inner corners of the lid. 

Natural Collection Lipstick in Rose Petal is a gorgeous light coral colour which for me is a bit of a my lips but better colour. not too light, not too dark and not too bright.

I actually got this Jemma Kidd lipgloss in Red magazine last year as a freebie but it has to be the best freebie i've ever had. it's £22 full price which is expensive but it has to be by far the best lipgloss i have ever used. I am just getting down to the last scrapings now which is the first time I have every done that with a lipgloss.

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