Monday, 16 January 2012

Primark and Select Haul

Yesterday me and my mum jumped in the car and headed off to Bristol for a spot of girly shopping. It was a lovely sunny day so I took a few pictures on the way there. Having been paid my last lot of wages on Friday I couldn't help but having a little splurge. 


We decided to have lunch in The Gourmet Burger Kitchen as we'd never eaten there before, I went for the Avocado and Bacon Chicken Burger with a portion of chunky chips to share and mum played it safe with a BBQ Burger. We both loved what we chose and will definitely be going back soon.

The select in Bristol is huge (for a Select it is anyway) and it's actually tidy and well layed out. Which is something I usually find that Select stores are not. They had nearly half their stock on sale, if I wasn't unemployed I would of bought a lot more than I did! This dress was full price but still only £18.00. Being 5ft 8 I often find dresses to be far too short on me but this is a nice length and falls on the middle of my thighs. It will be perfect for summer and weddings. The blazer was £15 in the sale, I wear these all the time so it will fit in pefectly with my wardrobe.

Recently Primark have had some really nice shirts and blouses. The first one was £10, The feather blouse said £12 on the label but I actually got it for £5 (bargain!!) It's a little small but it was the only one they had so i'll make do. The pink blouse was £12 and it's a lot less bright in person is more of a dark pink. The rest was all pajamas so i'll just put prices as a caption. 

This was only £1 in the sale!!
£5 - I need to swap these for a smaller size though 



  1. Love the haul! I bought some great buys from Primark just after Xmas and was very pleased with my purchases! x

  2. I need some of those pyjamas!!

  3. I LOVE your sunglasses! Love the blouses/shirts you picked xx

  4. great buys! i love everything you've bought. that burger looks sensational! xx

  5. Ah, that burger looks amazing! I know what you mean about dresses - i'm five ten! My dresses are nearly always tops! xx

  6. Love the haul, I haven't been to select in ages! xx


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