Monday, 23 January 2012

Lips Of The Day

Yesterday was my sisters 17th Birthday so we went out for dinner at Jimmy Spices. I love it there, it's all you can eat and there's a choice of Indian. Thai, Italian and Chinese. Of course I ate way too much and moaned the whole way home that I felt sick.. fat Sam strikes again!

I was playing around with my Sleek Pout Paint before I left and made this gorgeous colour by mixing Rosette and Peachy Keen together. I've really re-discovered my love for them over the last couple of days. 


  1. Gorgeous, you have really nice lips lol that sounds weird but you do :) xx

  2. Ooooh what a lovely colour!! I need to get my hands on some Pout Paints but i'm so scared of them!!

  3. love that colour. i really want to get some and see what they are like :)



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