Friday, 20 January 2012

GOSH Darling Lipstick Review

My huge love for nude lipsticks has struck once more. I have finally added GOSH Darling (#134) to my collection. I have heard a lot about it and always put off buying it as in my head it cost £13. It doesn't it cost around £7 and I have no idea why I thought that! £7 is very reasonable and it is available in Superdrug. 

I was expecting it to be a lot more pigmented than it is. It's quite a sheer nude and feels a little bit like a lip balm once applied. Having very naturally pigmented lips this only lightens them very slightly. I've read a lot of reviews saying it's quite chalky looking, I don't know if they've changed the formulation but I haven't found that at all. It's very moisturising and because of the formulation it doesn't get all 'clogged up' on the inside line of my lips (I hope you know what I mean by that) which is a huge positive for me! 

The staying power isn't great, it's one of those lipsticks that you have to keep re-applying throughout the day. I've also found it to highlight the dryer areas of my lips, so moiturising your lips before is a good idea. At first I was disappointed with it and I do think it is overrated but it has certainly grown on me and i'm now loving wearing it a subtle nude.


  1. I'm not a huge fan go Gosh Darling but it really is a pretty nude color!(:

  2. It's perfect for your skintone and your skin looks stunning! X

  3. I was put off buying it because I'd heard such bad things, tempted to pick it up now, especially after seeing your lip swatch x

  4. Lovely on you! Your skin is so good!
    On me this would look like death though haha

  5. im looking for a nude lipstick and all the "popular" nude lipsticks i've tried turn out to be red on my lips or pink!:) my lips are so pigmented! i thought about getting this lipstick but from all the swatches and pictures i found on the internet i was scared that it would look dead on me!:) but after reading this post,i;ve decided i will go and try it out! thanks !:)x


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