Monday, 30 January 2012

Baby Casper

As you you probably know I absolutely ADORE my cats. I'm in the process of organising my photographs on my computer and i've just come across these photos! This is Casper as a baby when we first got him 4 and a half years ago (sob, he's growing up too fast!) Isn't he just adorable?!   

He no longer fits in this bed!

Unfortunately I don't have any baby photos of Poppy as we adopted her when she had just become fully grown. I'm sure she would of been just as adorable as little Caspy though! Hooray for cute kitten photos that make us squirm with cuteness.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Interview FOTD

On Friday I had another Job interview, hopefully it's gone well as I am getting really fed up of being unemployed. Here is the make I wore, I didn't want it to be too much but I still wanted it to be a little bit more 'special' than normal. 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation - B20
♥ E.L.F Mineral Foundation - Fair
♥ Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - 52
♥ Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - Medium

♥ Sleek Au Naturel Palette - Taupe
Sleek Oh So Special Palette - Boxed
♥ Sleek Au Naturel Palette - Conker
 ♥ E.L.F Eye Primer
♥ Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara 

♥ Rimmel Eyeshadow - Dusk

♥ Mac-Myth
GOSH - Darling

 Headkandy Hair Extensions - Melted Chocolate 20-22inches 
(Curled with my GHD's)

These photos were taken with my new Panasonic Lumix G2 which I am loving!

Lips Of The Day

Yesterday was my sisters 17th Birthday so we went out for dinner at Jimmy Spices. I love it there, it's all you can eat and there's a choice of Indian. Thai, Italian and Chinese. Of course I ate way too much and moaned the whole way home that I felt sick.. fat Sam strikes again!

I was playing around with my Sleek Pout Paint before I left and made this gorgeous colour by mixing Rosette and Peachy Keen together. I've really re-discovered my love for them over the last couple of days. 

Friday, 20 January 2012

GOSH Darling Lipstick Review

My huge love for nude lipsticks has struck once more. I have finally added GOSH Darling (#134) to my collection. I have heard a lot about it and always put off buying it as in my head it cost £13. It doesn't it cost around £7 and I have no idea why I thought that! £7 is very reasonable and it is available in Superdrug. 

I was expecting it to be a lot more pigmented than it is. It's quite a sheer nude and feels a little bit like a lip balm once applied. Having very naturally pigmented lips this only lightens them very slightly. I've read a lot of reviews saying it's quite chalky looking, I don't know if they've changed the formulation but I haven't found that at all. It's very moisturising and because of the formulation it doesn't get all 'clogged up' on the inside line of my lips (I hope you know what I mean by that) which is a huge positive for me! 

The staying power isn't great, it's one of those lipsticks that you have to keep re-applying throughout the day. I've also found it to highlight the dryer areas of my lips, so moiturising your lips before is a good idea. At first I was disappointed with it and I do think it is overrated but it has certainly grown on me and i'm now loving wearing it a subtle nude.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Simple FOTD

On sunday I went shopping with my mum so before I left I thought i'd do a super quick FOTD. This is very basic, neutral make up and this how I would to my make up most days. It was extremely bright outside and I have a huge bedroom window so the picture is a little bright.

Estee Lauder Double Wear - 1n1 Ecru
Bourjois Chocolate Bronzer - Shade 52
Barbra Daily Powder Highlighter 

♥ Rimmel Eyeshadow - Dusk

 Natural Collection Lash Build Mascara - Black
 Natural Collection Duo Eyeshadow - Mink/Sable

 Natural Collection Lipstick - Apple Blossom 

Monday, 16 January 2012

Primark and Select Haul

Yesterday me and my mum jumped in the car and headed off to Bristol for a spot of girly shopping. It was a lovely sunny day so I took a few pictures on the way there. Having been paid my last lot of wages on Friday I couldn't help but having a little splurge. 


We decided to have lunch in The Gourmet Burger Kitchen as we'd never eaten there before, I went for the Avocado and Bacon Chicken Burger with a portion of chunky chips to share and mum played it safe with a BBQ Burger. We both loved what we chose and will definitely be going back soon.

The select in Bristol is huge (for a Select it is anyway) and it's actually tidy and well layed out. Which is something I usually find that Select stores are not. They had nearly half their stock on sale, if I wasn't unemployed I would of bought a lot more than I did! This dress was full price but still only £18.00. Being 5ft 8 I often find dresses to be far too short on me but this is a nice length and falls on the middle of my thighs. It will be perfect for summer and weddings. The blazer was £15 in the sale, I wear these all the time so it will fit in pefectly with my wardrobe.

Recently Primark have had some really nice shirts and blouses. The first one was £10, The feather blouse said £12 on the label but I actually got it for £5 (bargain!!) It's a little small but it was the only one they had so i'll make do. The pink blouse was £12 and it's a lot less bright in person is more of a dark pink. The rest was all pajamas so i'll just put prices as a caption. 

This was only £1 in the sale!!
£5 - I need to swap these for a smaller size though 


Monday, 9 January 2012

Superdrug Haul

Recently i've been really looking to getting a new Camera. The Panasonic Lumix G2 to be precise. But with being unemployed (again!) I don't want to spend £300 on something that is not essential. I'm really undecided. what cameras do you use? I popped into town the other day to talk to the man in Clives Cameras and see if they stocked it, they didn't. I then found myself in Superdrug which always ends with my bank account feeling a little damaged (not quite as damaged as the camera would make it though). Here is what I bought 

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner - £1.29 (1/2 price)

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - £3.69 (50p off) 

St Ives Skin Firming Moisturiser and Restoring Moisturiser - £4.38 (Buy One Get One Free)

Samy Fat Hair Shampoo and Conditioner - £5.59 (Buy One Get One Free)

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Tangle Teezer Review

If you follow Tangle Teezer on twitter you will know how much people love their product. I don't think i've ever actually heard something bad about it. They are available iat Boots in various colours and are priced around the £10 mark. I always felt like £10 was a little expensive for a brush and kept putting off buying one. So when I was writing up my christmas list I popped a Tangle Teezer on the in the off chance I might get one. Liams parents had kindly bought me one for christmas, yippee. 

With all the great comments about this brush I was expecting maybe a little bit too much. Don't let all the amazing reviews fool you into thinking that the Tangle Teezer is some kind of miracle worker and can effortlessly brush out all the knots in just 3 strokes and leave your hair knotless for the rest of time. It doesn't do that. But it does do something that most,if not all, other brushes doesn't do. Which is gets rid of knots without any, pulling or pain. 

I use my Tangle Teezer on wet and dry hair, and it works well with both. When my hair needs a brush I like to use my Tangle Teezer to easily and painlessly get out the knots and then go over it afterwards with my Denman paddle brush just to smooth it all out. If you have long hair, or hair that is prone to knots then is a must have! For those of you that are more fortunate and don't get a lot of tangles then it's definitely still something worth investing in. I have a lot less breakage when using my Tangle Teezer and with my ultra thin hair, I need to keep every strand I can.

The only bad thing I found with this brush is that when I hit a particularly tough knot the Tangle Teezers just slips out of my and ends up on the floor across the room. The grip is lacking somewhat but it's only a minor thing. 

I love my Tangle Teezer and I'm considering buying my sister one for her birthday in a weeks time as she will not brush her hair when it's wet due to it being too knotted up (I die a little inside when I see how much she abuses her hair). This would also be perfect for children as lets face it, we've all been there as a child when mum,dad or grandma is pulling a brush through your hair and your almost in tears (ouch). Don't let the price put you off,it is worth every penny.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Goodbye 2011..

I think it's safe to say minus a few family issues that I often vent on Twitter, I have had a pretty amazing year! It was the year my blog was born, I started working for Center Parcs, moved to London (and moved back) and I've shared it all with my wonderful boyfriend Liam. Although I am slightly sad to see 2011 leave I am excited to see what 2012 holds! I hope you've all had a birllaint year too.

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