Saturday, 31 December 2011

My Christmas

Another picture heavy post of the antics i've got up to over christmas...

Couldn't resist pulling a face could I

Me with my Cousions
Worlds teeniest christmas hat

The sledges my grandpa made my little cousins
Waft the paper fish across the line
even my grandparents joined in!!

The boat race
The boat race will need a little explanation! The idea of the game is to blow the match stick across the water to the edge of the tray but your blowing against eachother. HOWEVER, in our family not all is as it seems. It is only played by new members of the family and it is classed as an initiation. The players have no idea what is about to hit them.. literally. The 'referee' shouts ready.. steady.. GO! As he shouts GO and the player ducks right down ready to blow the match he slaps his hand into the water and gets the unsuspecting player soaking wet! This year it was Liams turn and my grandpa kindly volunteered to be his opponent knowing what would happen. Needless to say Liam ended up soaked head to toe and we all ended up in roars of laughter!! 


  1. I love seeing what people have done over Christmas! You're so pretty :) I really love your blog, you deserve so many more followers! <3

    1. awww thanks lovely!! Everyone has a little nosey person hiding inside them so I like to share the things I get up to every now and then xx

  2. Haha! Your family christmas sounds like fun! Loving all your photos too.
    Happy New Year! And have a great 2012!
    ~Hannah xx


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