Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmassy day out at Whitehall

Every time I post on here I find myself apologising for my absence. Yet again I have been awol from my blog this time because of being poorly with the strangest cold I have ever had and not having the mullah to go and buy christmassy items yet. But alas, I am back! I get my first big wage packet on friday so expect some fun things coming up.

When it comes to christmas I am like i young child. I LOVE it and do not hesitate to put my decorations up far too early,buy a real tree and go off adventuring around Chirstmassy places. Now you can probably understand why I work at Santas Grotto! With there only being 2 WEEKS left until christmas and Saturdays being the only day I can adventure off with Liam I had to make the most of it. We decided to head over to Whitehall Garden Center as we'd never been and had heard it was very nice there. We heard correct and had a lovely day out. Here are a few pictures of the festive antics we got up to.



  1. I love all those gorgeous Christmas arrangements, wish my house was decked out like those!


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