Monday, 21 November 2011

Revlon Colorstay Review

I bought this about a month ago in Boots when I was shopping for my mums birthday present. Nearly every blog I read and every youtuber I watch has mentioned this with mostly good reviews and very few bad ones. I am terrible when it comes to foundation and buy a different one to try every time I got to Superdrug or Boots but I still haven't managed to find that one foundation that does everything I need it to do. From what I had heard about Revlon's Colorstay, it seemed like this could finally be what I was looking for. 
I have combination skin, I have an oily T zone but normal/dry skin everywhere else. I want a Medium coverage, that is not cakey, but with a dewy/healthy finish. I also need staying power as I often work long hours. Although my skin is Oily/Normal I find that as soon as I apply foundation it has a matte appearance. Which always leaves me in a massive tizz over which foundation to get. 
I bought this in the shade 150 Buff which is a perfect match for my skin tone however it does have a very dull appearance on my skin which leaves it looking a bit 'bleugh'. There is 20 shades in the Oily/Combination range and 12 in the Normal/Dry range which covers the majority of skin tones from very pale skin, to dark skin. After some deliberation I decided to get the one for Normal/Dry skin as I powder my foundation anyway which would reduce the oily appearance on my T zone.

I have heard that you have to apply this very quickly as it sets quite fast but I didn't discover that, maybe I just apply my foundation at lightening speed anyway. Once applying it, it looked very cakey on my skin and my pores looked all clogged up. It lives up to it's name 'Colourstay' in the sense that when I wanted to remove it I had to scrub my face so hard to get it off. In some areas it doesn't budge but in others it doesn't even last a few hours resulting in a patchy face.
The one thing I really hate about the packaging is the lack of pump. I end up wasting so much product and it gets a bit messy trying to dispense the foundation. I do like the glass bottle but for me that lack of pump really lets it down, especially for £12.49 a bottle.
Overall I think this foundation was a total waste of money. It leaves my skin looking cakey,dull and patchy and the lack of pump is just a faf. I had heard so many good things about it so I was really expecting to love it but I think it's safe to say that this was a complete and utter disappointment. So i'm back on the hunt for my staple foundation.


  1. Have you tried GOSH foundation babe? xx

  2. I've heard a lot of good things about this foundation and really wanted to try it but your review was really helpful.I might choose to spend my money on something else instead. Thanks(:

  3. Ohh I've tried this and thought it was crap too! It's quite pricey for a drugstore foundation so you'd expect it to be half decent.. Waste of money! x

  4. Its really good, i've only just started using today but first impressions are good :). No cakiness, very light but good coverage xx

  5. i have this foundation it works wonders for me, if you think its cakey a tip is to really really moisterise ur skin berfore hand! dont wait for it to completely set into ur skin then apply the foundation it will give u the best dewy glow ever oh and apply with ur hands and start with ur cheeks


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