Wednesday, 2 November 2011

A Quick Catch Up!

I'm super sorry that I had vanished of the face of the blogging planet for nearly a month! I had been working 10 hour days and 7 days a week, which meant a very sleepy Sam and of course with it now being Autumn, no daylight! I've now got 9 days off until I start my other job as.. wait for it.. santas helper at Center Parcs on the 11th of November! It's all in the name of fun, and i'm really looking forward to getting dressed up and 'hangin outtt in ma grotto'.

Yesterday was my boyfriends 21st Birthday so of course he was spoilt rotten (mainly by his parents). His mum always goes way over the top with presents so I always end up feeling a bit crap that my presents seem so rubbish but Liam, is always so grateful for what I get him! In the evening we headed out to a nearby pub/restaurant for a meal with his family, some friends and my parents. The place we went to does the most amazing food, so I had no choice but to stuff my face with yummy food and puddings.
I will be doing a lot more blogging from now on as I have more of a steady wage and some spare time. I've discovered a few great products recently so i'll be reviewing those and doing a few haul posts. Not to mention all of my exciting little day trips that i will no doubt be having on the lead up to christmas and all the exciting christmas things I will be buying! 

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  1. Santa's Helper job sounds amazing! Hope you have a really fun time when you start. 9 days off will be lovely. And happy birthday to your boyfriend :) xx


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