Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Foxylocks, Headkandy and Halo Hair Extensions Comparison Review

My previous hair extension blog posts have been proving very popular and when you're considering spending quite a large amount of money on some hair extensions you need to do some research and compare brands. That then leads to you finding numerous reviews from people that have only tried one of the brands, so you can't easily compare them. Having owned sets from 3 of the top brands i'm hoping that this will be a lot more helpful. 

I have been wearing clip in hair extensions for 5 years and although I am not qualified or professionally trained I know a huge amount about them which I have picked up over time.

These were the first 'high end' hair extensions set I bought. I did absolutely masses of research into these and had trawled through youtube watching nearly every video and of course Imogens channel. I eventually took the plunge and bought them back in January. 

At first I was super impressed and very excited but I think this was because I had never had such long, thick, silky extensions before. They were amazing for the first month but I started to feel like they needed a wash as they were getting knotty very easily. I washed them, and left them to air dry as I would always do but found they weren't much better. As time went by they just got worse and worse, to the point where they were so frizzy, dry and knotty that they were just unwearable after only 3 months.

I have tried so many products to try and bring them back to life and the only thing that has made a difference (only a slight one) is Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Intensive Mask. They are now just about wearable but look very tatty and split.

I looked after these just as I have looked after my Headkandy ones and my Halo ones so there should be no difference in the condition. I really wanted to love these as i love the colour and clips, but the quality was just awful. I have no idea if anyone else has had the same problem with them as all the reviews I can find are first impressions reviews.
As you can see from the photo the ends are extremely split after just  3 months. I love the colour of them and the clips are some of the best I have used. The are the perfect thickness for me and they blend with my hair very nicely. I have extremely fine/thin hair and need some extra thickness. The set I have are 160g but Foxylocks also have 120g and 215g sets available. I would like to try Foxylocks extensions again to see if they can prove me wrong but I just cannot justify spending the money on a set that may not last me very long like my last ones.

Quality: 3/10
Thickness: 9/10
Clips: 9/10
Price: 5/10
Customer Service: 7/10
Would I re-purchase: No 
Total: 33/50

  • £79.99 - £4.40 postage
  • 20-22 inch clip in set 
  • 180g with clips
  • Remy Human Hair
  • 10 wefts including 1 quad weft
  • Espresso - Darkest Brown 
  • Twitter- @Blobbyglam
  • Facebook - BobbyGlam
I bought these back in May after reading good reviews and having them recommend by a couple of friends. Although I was very dubious about these as I had heard that the quad weft gets extremely matted after a couple of months and that is not something you want when you're spending around £80 for them.

Nearly 6 months on and wearing them pretty much everyday they are still going strong. Of course they have a few spilt ends and look a little worn but they are still very soft and definitely have a few months left in them yet. I'm massively impressed with them and would go as far as saying they are the best hair extensions I have tried.

Headkandy will colour match your hair if you send them a photograph of your hair in natural light via email or facebook. The extensions are also cut to ensure they are the same thickness throughout, I was worried they would have a blunt edge but once put in they look very natural. 

Of course with all hair extensions you must look after them as if they are your on hair if you want to last as long as possible. I have washed these twice since having them as they have not really needed it. I also left them to air dry to avoid using unnecessary heat on them and so they didn't frizz.

I don't follow the numbering system that they advise when putting in the extensions as I prefer how they look the way I do it but for all you hair extension virgins out there it will be a massive help. These blend nicely with my hair and the quad weft allows me to choose whether I want super thick hair, or slightly thinner hair without taking out vital wefts from some areas as I use the quad weft for thickness only. I am absolutely in love with these extensions and i'm even contemplating buying another set in a lighter shade and of course a replacement set when mine finally give up the ghost.

Quality: 10/10
Thickness: 9/10
Clips: 7/10
Price: 9/10
Customer Service: 9/10
Would I re-purchase: Yes
Total: 44/50

  • £59.99 - free next day delivery
  • Full head clip in set
  • Light Brown
  • 20 inches
  • 8 wefts
  • 100g pure hair weight (no clips)
  • Remy Human Hair
  • Twitter - @Halo_Hair
  • Facebook - Halo Hair Extensions

I actually found this brand through twitter and had heard lots of good things about them. At the time I had been wanting to dye my hair a little lighter so of course with me being the hair extension junkie I am, it was a good time to buy another set of hair extensions and try out a new brand. I first of bought a 16'' Full head clip in set that are the same length as my hair just to add thickness but I couldn't resist also buying a 20'' set too.

I have had these around a month and they are still soft even after putting a few highlights through them. The 1 thing that i'm not keen on is that they are extremely thin at the ends. Which I find makes them look shorter and less luxurious/silky. Because the ends are thin it gives less room for breakages so I don't think they will last much more than 2-3 months of everyday wear. I add a couple of old wefts to thee extensions to add more thickness and for me personally the amount you pay for them, isn't worth what you get weight/thickness wise. 

However with these hair extensions having much thinner ends it means they are so much easier to manage so they are very good for days when you haven't got time to do much with your hair. I haven't personally tried the Deluxe set but I think if you would like a good amount of thickness if you have normal - thick hair then the deluxe set would be better. 

One thing I was extremely impressed with was their customer service, I had to return some as they were the wrong colour and Halo sorted everything out for me and were just fab! 

Quality: 6/10
Thickness: 3/10
Clips: 9/10
Price: 5/10
Customer Service: 9/10
Would I re-purchase: Yes (only a deluxe set though)
Total: 32/50

Disclaimer: I paid for all 3 sets with my own money and have not been paid to do this review, all opinions are 100% my own, as they always are and always will be. (I was however given a discount on my 20'' extensions by Halo)


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  2. Thanks for this review, was extremely helpful! I am also a massive extensions junky, and was really interested to hear you weren't too keen on the foxylocks ones as I'd heard lots of good things about them and was thinking of getting them next. I think Headkandy are the best as well, I've had 2 sets from them and was very impressed, the only thing I've found is that they have a lot of fall out while I'm wearing them, i wondered if you've found this as well? Perhaps it's just a side effect of all extensions? I've reviewed Bobby Glam extensions on my blog, wasn't impressed by them at all, nowhere near as good as Headkandy! Great blog! xxx


  3. You are an absolute life saver, been trying to decide which to go for for ages! Looks like HeadKandy it is xx

  4. I like your blog.
    I used it alone.
    But it can be used as a booster as well.
    @LL, I wish the waves woulda attempted to kake a reappearance.
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  7. I totally agree with you about Foxy Locks, I have a lot of extensions too and those are without a doubt completely awful! Not worth the money AT ALL. Mine lasted a month if that! I also washes them and they just looked even worse! And I used hair extension shampoos and conditioners.. Awful!!! So disappointed, clearly everyone writes the reviews the day they get them x

    1. I also think a lot of people are reviewing them too soon and not giving them a good test beforehand. I still love headkandy's extensions but i'm trying out bobbyglam extensions at the moment which i will review soon xx

    2. I had the same problem with foxylocks they turned into a complete birdsnet and I went through 3 sets... I jus tdidnt want to believe that they could be so awful when everyoen was leaving such good reviews. I felt like maybe i had just got a bad set, but after the same thing happening 3 times, well... I then started using head kandy and i love them. Now my hair is really long so i dont need, but i would recommend head kandy with out a doubt! xx


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  11. I had the same problems with foxy locks two years ago. They started to look like horsehair after a month!? Can not beleive that she still sells these horrible extensions to people. But in Imogens youtube videoes her hair always look incredible healthy, shiny and natural :/

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  16. I'm sorry, you gave foxy locks a 5/10 for price and headkandy a 9/10 for price but headkandy is more expensive than foxy locks? How did you come to that rating?

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