Tuesday, 4 October 2011

On Safari at Longleat

I only live 15 minutes away from Longleat and have been there so many times before but I never get bored of it. With us having such a rubbish summer and me and Liam being in London we never had a chance to go this year so yesterday we snapped up the chance knowing it was the last day of the super hot weather. We took just over 100 photographs and here are only a few of them. This is going to be a super duper picture heavy post! 

Baby Zebra nibbling it's mum

Monkey damage!


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  2. I always forget about Longleat!! I haven't been in ages :( Definitely going to go soon now I've seen all your pictures :) xxx

  3. I live 15 miles from Longleat. It's such a fab place. Love the photos! Glad you had a great day xx

  4. hi poo hand, haha. matureee.

    lovee going on safari so much, your photos are so cute. i'd love to go if i lived nearer.

    cass x


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