Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Face Cosmetics Review

A few months ago the lovely Lisa from GoldenGloww sent me these to review and do a guest blog over on her blog. She never got round to posting it as she's been super busy so i thought i would just post it up on my blog so you can have a good read.

My face Cosmetics is a brand i've been wanting to try for a while as I had heard some good things about it. With all the moving about i've done recently and being unemployed has meant i've not been able to afford much makeup so I was very lucky to of been sent these to review. 

MyMix Foundation
£12.99 available from Boots or Online 

There are 9 shades in the range and the colour I have is Fair 02 which is the second lightest colour. When I first put a blob of this on my hand I thought it would be way too dark for my skin tone but after applying it the colour didn't seem so dark and matched my skin quite well. Although I could still do with a shade lighter.

This a medium coverage foundation but it is buildable. When I first applied it I noticed it was very shiney/oily looking on my slightly oily skin so I would definitely have to set it with a powder. After setting it, it looks very natural and is more of a semi matte finish. The liquidy texture applies really nicely and once powdered it looks flawless. I usually find by the end of the day I have quite a bit of wear on my shin and around my lips but this stayed put all day. The only negative i found was the leaky packaging. If you're taking this away with you bag it up or you will end up with one very messy make up bag.

MyCover Concealer
 £7.99 Available from Boots or Online

Concealer is something that gets pushed to the back of my make up drawer as I find my foundation covers most of the areas I don't like. However when I do use there is a noticeable difference especially to my under eye circles. There 9 shades available and I have Fair 02. 

On first impressions this concealer didn't really stand out for me, It wasn't awful but it wasn't amazing. Since using it more i have grown to love it and it's definitely become an everyday product of mine. It's a slightly thicker consistency than the foundation but it covers blemishes and under eye circles nicely. This also has quite a shiney look on my skin so setting it with powder is a must. I'm not massively pale but I did find fair 02 was still quite dark for me.

MyMatch Powder 
£10.49 Available from Boots or Online

I've posted before on my blog that i only really use 1 brand/type of powder which is by Natural Collection so trying something different was quite interesting. There are 3 shades and the colour I have is Fair. 

It is much lighter in contrast to the other products I have from the fair range but works great to tone down a foundation that is slightly too dark. It comes with a little applicator/sponge which I tried and actually quite like as I found it controlled the shine much more than using a brush. It leaves as semi- matte finish and doesn't make your skin look cakey. It definitely helped my foundation stay on longer too as I didn't have as much wear at the end of the day when I wore it. 

Here is the finished result wearing the MyMix Foundation, MyCover Concealer and MyMatch Powder all from MyFace Cosmetics. 


  1. Great review.I think I might try the concealer since it looks pretty good(:

  2. your skin looks amazing in the photo! Heard good things about the foundation x

  3. your skin looks flawless! i think i'll definately try the foundation. great review :) xx


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