Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Autumn is here!

I absolutely love this time of year, it's starting to get cooler, i've dragged out my wooly jumpers and cushy slippers and snuggling up all warm and toastie with Liam and my kitties. 

Every year my family has a huge Halloween/Firework/Bonfire get together which involves us all bringing carved pumpkins, squeezing into my grandmas house (believe me there is a lot of us and it is very much a squeeze), having a good old natter, putting on our hats, gloves scarfs and wellies to go out and watch the fireworks followed by sparklers and lighting the bonfire with our homemade Guy Fawkes on the top, and scurrying back into the warm to eat far too much homemade Pumpkin soup and crusty bread (YUM!) with ginger cake, gooey chocolate brownies and bonfire cake for afters. Need i say more? It's such a lovely evening.
I've become totally obsessed with Pinterest recently and have found these really Autumny pictures on there which are definitely getting me in the mood for Halloween, Firework night and of course, Christmas! 


  1. Love the pictures you found! Especially the top one, the bridge reflection looks like sunglasses. I'm loving getting my scarves and jumpers out too xx

  2. Wow that top one is an amazing picture! I love the pumpkins spelling out trick or treat too xx

    Who knew they were both " SS"?
    I sure didn't .
    I wasn't raised that way.
    And either were RICK or GERRY.
    You know them as RICK'S SETAIN and GERRIZZO .
    But I don't.
    I still see Gerry in his choir clothes, and being the ball of fire that he was
    And I still see Rick throwing the football and getting his glasses knocked off, but maybe I really did miss something.
    If I did, so did everybody I knew and knew well.
    My parents had absolutely no idea and they certainly loved travelling and the
    And they never DREAMED of KILLING for anything except maybe fish!
    That's the sport my father loved and he also loved to fly.
    And how these two brothers could turn his incredible success into something of
    RAUNCH with HOLLYWOOD and the RICH and the GOVERNMENT?
    Somehow, they did..
    And they had help with tue QUEEN because on half of these thousands of blogs, her medals of approval are everywhere with her obsessive " crown".
    I am devastated.


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