Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paint Review: Nudes

Now I know a lot of people have been talking about these and reviewing them but I wanted to do something a little different. All of the posts I have seen have been showing the lovely bright pigmented colours you can achieve using Sleeks Pout Piants, which are very pretty. But I wanted to show you all the subtle nudes you can create with them as I haven't seen anyone do that and I know a lot of people aren't brave enough to wear bright shades, or like me they just don't suit you. I've also left this late so that I could properly try out these Pount Paints and give a good honest review of them. 

I had a bit of trouble getting hold of these at my local Superdrug which is a 10 minute drive away because it's having a revamp and they have decided they will no longer stock Sleek. I then discovered that the other 4 Superdrug's locally to me also no longer stock Sleek. This ended up with me having to drive all the way to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol which is an hour away to get them. Not impressed that I now have to travel that far to buy make up from one of my favourite brands. But at least I finally have them. 

As I can't afford to buy all 11 shades I only picked up three, I am hoping to get a few as time goes by though. The shades I bought were Rosette, Cloud 9, and Peachy Keen, I had a little play around with the colours in Superdrug and these seemed to make the best nudes. They are £4.99 each but at the moment they are 3 for 2 and you get 8ml of product. When I first saw these they were smaller than I had expected and my boyfriend said the same thing but these are so super pigmented that they will last you a very very long time. 

Far right, Top to Bottom - Rosette, Peachy Keen, Cloud 9

Applied spareingly these are a matte finish, but if you build them up they give a much more glossy finish. They are not sticky or thick but they are softer than a lipstick. My boyfriend complimented me on how smooth my lips looked whilst wearing these. They can be a little drying but that is easily avoided but using some lip salve before applying them. I would say the staying power of these Pout Paints was pretty good as they stay on longer than most lipsticks I own but obviously they don't last all day. 

Cloud 9 mixed with a small blog of Roesette 
Cloud 9 mixed with Peacky Keen
Cloud 9 mixed with a bit of Peachy Keen and a dot of Rosette applied lightly
(excuse the awful end of the day foundation)
Cloud 9 mixed with tiny bit of Peachy Keen and a dot of
Rosette applied thicker

When I first heard about Sleek Pout Paints I was so excited that I could finally mix up the shades that I had been trying to find for so long. But after buying them I realised they aren't really that practical. You need to apply these very precisely with a lip brush, using your fingers leaves a nasty, uneven, messy finish, which when you're out is very impractical. Storing the shades after mixing them is also another problem, along with being able to make the exact same shade each time which is very difficult. I mixed my shades up on a plate and left it on the side over night by accident and found that they hadn't dried out at all so I could use them again the next day, but I can see that a Pout Paint covered plate as a permanent feature on your dressing table isn't going to be many peoples cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I love playing around and wearing the Pout Paints but they are not something I'd use if i was in a bit of a hurry. I personally have found that the pros and cons outweigh eachother but I can see why others would think these are a bit of a faf. 

Let me know what you think of Sleeks Pout Paints and the methods you've found for nicely storing the shades that you've mixed up.


  1. Its a shame your superdrug stores are not stocking Sleek Makeup any more and a nuisance for you having to drive out so far when you want something from their brand.
    I do like the look of them but Im more of a fan of nudes and pinks. Ive never tried brighter colours and to be honest I don't think they will go with my skin tone. I would prefer getting a couple of shades in the colour that I want instead of mixing them every time I wanted a certain colour.
    A lovely looking glam product but not for me

    By the way, I really do like your blog. Your pictures and design is lovely.


  2. Awwwh no! Shame that you can't get Sleek easily!

    I love them. As a learning MUA, things like this at only a fiver are GREAT products for my kit, rather than spending the £9 +postage for OCC lip tars. I do agree though, that they're a hassle for the everyday user, but I love that Sleek are a brand for make up artists (making things like the palettes, loads of colours of foundations, pout paints) and also someone who would just fancy a treat at a lower cost than MAC, Chanel and other high end brands. As someone who buys products from Sleek regularly, I do think they appeal to everyone and for that, they've become one of my favourite make up brands, along with the likes of high end.

    Wow, props to you if you just read that! haha!

    Great post :) x

  3. The colours you made are so so pretty x

  4. you've made some really fab colours! I'm trying to decide which pout paints to get as I can only afford a couple so really pleased to hear they're on 3 for 2, I hope I can get my hands on them when I go to Superdrug! xx

  5. Okay I've been avoiding these pout paints for ages but after reading your post I've decided to get them ASAP!! I LOVE the combinations you've made...Thanks :) xx


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