Sunday, 28 August 2011

Meet My kitties ♥

This kind of post may not be everyones cup of tea but I am a HUGE animal lover and talk about my cats a lot on twitter so I thought it would be nice for you to see who they were as I absolute adore them. This may be a bit picture heavy as I have SO many funny photographs of the little terrors. 


We've had Casper since he was a teeny kitten, he is now 4 years old. He loves to adventure but he also loves to come home and have a good cuddle (usually on my bed). When he was only a couple of months old he fell out of the upstairs window and landed in a plant pot, luckily he wasn't hurt but he's been getting into trouble ever since. He's had 5 trips to the vets..
  1. When he was tiny To have the snip (poor boy)
  2. A Check up after he feel out of the 1st floor window
  3. To have some Tics removed
  4. A check up and swap on an Ulcer on his eye after running into a stick
  5. The most recent (yesterday) To have stitches on his leg after he ripped it open outisde, possibly on some metal.
His favoutire toy is hairbands and i notice my pot of them decreasing as he comes in and steals them! 

He thinks my keys are a toy

He sucks his paw!

He likes the shower..

And the shower for that matter

Helping decorate the Christmas tree

Sleeping on the clean washing!!


About 3 years ago a cat appeared in our garden every day and every night, she sat by the door and whenever my mum put food out for the birds she would eat it (pizza, crackers, bread etc) after about 3-4 days we were worried about her and let her into the conservatory for the night as it was very cold outside. She was also REALLY thin. Casper didn't mind her so we took her to the vets to make sure she didn't have any harmful bugs. We searched and searched for her owner but no one came forward and she soon became very much a part of our family. It's so lovely to think we probably saved her life.

She's 4 years old and is very very playful and still very much a kitten at heart. She likes the garden but wont go any further than that. She is possibly one of the thickest cats i have ever owned but that's what makes her so adorable. she is one mischievous madam! She's also fallen out of the upstairs window but she didn't fare so well, off to the vets went after her foot swelled up twice the size of the other one. Her favourite toy is paper balls, she goes crazy for them!

pulling the bows off the presents

Little red riding cat

Peek a boo!!

Opening my post!

Chewing my comb


Chewing my flip flops after dragging them out
of the wardrobe


  1. Awwww so cute. I like cats but my mam and dad won't let me get one :-(


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