Monday, 8 August 2011

Food For Thought

Sorry for the complete lack of posts these last few days. My boyfriend's been off work sick and we had to travel back to Wiltshire a day earlier than expected so i've been super busy looking after him and enjoying my time back at home. I came back to London last night so today i'm left in the flat with no food as we haven't done the food shopping yet and of course i make the stupid mistake of going on wehearit and looking at all the yummy food. The word hungry doesn't even come close right now. Anyway i thought i'd share some of the pictures i found and make you all hungry too, it's only fair.

Don't you just want to put your face in it? mmm


  1. mission accomplished! i'm now starving. the banana and chocolate crepes/pancakes did it for me xoxo

  2. Oh my god, this all looks delicious!
    Now going to have to go raid my kitchen to find something that comes close.. I'll probably end up with some chocolate or a bag of crisps though haha xx


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