Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Collective Haul

Here are a few things that i have bought over a period of about a month. My Elf order arrived this morning so i'll be doing a post about that soon and I am still waiting for another package to arrive which is super exciting. I'm now on a total spending ban until I find a job as i refuse to go into my savings, it shouldn't be too difficult now i've had a naughty little splurge. Thank goodness for the £50 Center Parcs owed me! 

First up, Primark. With the Autumn/Winter collections coming into the shops now I really wanted to see what new things they had in. There were a few nice things but as usual I found it very samey. Last year River Island had some boots that i absolutely loved but couldn't justify spending £26.00 on them, I looked high and low for a cheaper alternative but with no luck. I had kind of given up looking, especially as it was a year ago so i was so excited when I found these in Primark. 

The will be perfect for Autumn and Winter and i'm already looking for a reason to wear them.I bought these in a size 6 so i could wear thick socks with them when it's cold (i get cold feet like you wouldn't believe) and they we're £15. Slightly pricey for Primark but much cheaper than River Island. 

I also bought this basic long strap top in the colour 'Tobacco'. They are so simple and go with everything, i have them in every colour. 

My mum bought me this top in Jane Norman in the sale. I'm usually quite boring and simple with my clothing but I thought this was so pretty and it was reduced to £17.50 in the sale. Being 5 8'' I struggle to find tops that are long enough and don't look awkwardly short. This is verging on the line of too short but i'm sure i'll find something to wear it with.

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour lipstick in Bubblegum. I can't remember how i paid for this but i think it was around the £4 mark? 

Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Moisturiser. My mum bought this when it was half Price in Boots but I have since stolen it as she never uses it. I love this moisturiser, it makes my skin feel amazing and it gives my skin a slightly firmer appearance. I'll definitely be buying more when it runs out. 

Last of all Soap & Glory. I actually found this little gift set tucked away in a drawer unopened in my bedroom and completely forgot that i had it. Why i had never used it i do not know but i love everything in there and might even buy the full sizes when i'm back working. 


  1. Them shoes are really nice. They don't look like they are from Primark. x

  2. Lovely buys, love those boots :).

    Sadie x

  3. I love those boots! Definitely going to primark soon, thanks for the heads up :) x

  4. Love the boots! Wish I could wear boots where I'm from!

  5. Ah! I want those shoes...!! They look so warm and comfy.
    I love that top and the lipstick.
    How do you get so much nice stiff?! :O
    ~Hannah xx


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