Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

If you follow me on twitter you might know that i went to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta on Saturday. Me and the boyfriend went last year and had a really good day so this year we decided to go again. It's a 4 day event and  for anyone that doesn't know what the Bristol Balloon Fiesta is it's pretty self explanatory. In the arena twice a day there is a mass accent of hot hair balloons, there is also a huge variety of food vans, arena displays, a fair ground and loads of stands to have a look at and if you're lucky get some freebies from. On some days there is a night glow where all the balloons inflate in the dark and set off their burners in time with music which is alway a spectacular sight, followed by fireworks. On the Sunday the red arrows usually do a display and if anyone has seen them then you will know that they are brilliant! 

The weather was pretty average for the UK and there wasn't as much there this year compared to the previous year but we had a great day and tried to take a load of photos so i could post them on here. 

On the way in we saw a field full of deer 


Chicken Balloon

At the top of the picture you can see what the back end of the chicken balloon says.. (hehehe)

Unfortunately we didn't stay for the night glow as we were really tired, it was another 2 and a half hour wait and we knew it would take a good couple of hours getting out in the rush afterwards so we left early. 

On the same weekend my dad organised his annual fly in at his airfield so on the Sunday we popped over to help out and join in. As my dad deals with all the aircraft landing, parking, taking off etc we all had great fun playing giant jenger, wrestling in sumo suits, eating bbq food, and beating each other up with the giant boxing gloves. Here are some pictures of my Boyfriend and sister wrestling in sumo suits



Once you're down you're not getting back up!! 


  1. Lovely pics :).

    Sadie xx


  2. aww Saturday looked so good, I went sunday and it was absolutely packed and not one balloon went up because of the wind, gutted xx

  3. Some of those balloons are crazy and the sumo suits thing looks hilarious, I've always wanted to try that!


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