Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Collective Haul

Here are a few things that i have bought over a period of about a month. My Elf order arrived this morning so i'll be doing a post about that soon and I am still waiting for another package to arrive which is super exciting. I'm now on a total spending ban until I find a job as i refuse to go into my savings, it shouldn't be too difficult now i've had a naughty little splurge. Thank goodness for the £50 Center Parcs owed me! 

First up, Primark. With the Autumn/Winter collections coming into the shops now I really wanted to see what new things they had in. There were a few nice things but as usual I found it very samey. Last year River Island had some boots that i absolutely loved but couldn't justify spending £26.00 on them, I looked high and low for a cheaper alternative but with no luck. I had kind of given up looking, especially as it was a year ago so i was so excited when I found these in Primark. 

The will be perfect for Autumn and Winter and i'm already looking for a reason to wear them.I bought these in a size 6 so i could wear thick socks with them when it's cold (i get cold feet like you wouldn't believe) and they we're £15. Slightly pricey for Primark but much cheaper than River Island. 

I also bought this basic long strap top in the colour 'Tobacco'. They are so simple and go with everything, i have them in every colour. 

My mum bought me this top in Jane Norman in the sale. I'm usually quite boring and simple with my clothing but I thought this was so pretty and it was reduced to £17.50 in the sale. Being 5 8'' I struggle to find tops that are long enough and don't look awkwardly short. This is verging on the line of too short but i'm sure i'll find something to wear it with.

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour lipstick in Bubblegum. I can't remember how i paid for this but i think it was around the £4 mark? 

Jergens Naturals Skin Firming Moisturiser. My mum bought this when it was half Price in Boots but I have since stolen it as she never uses it. I love this moisturiser, it makes my skin feel amazing and it gives my skin a slightly firmer appearance. I'll definitely be buying more when it runs out. 

Last of all Soap & Glory. I actually found this little gift set tucked away in a drawer unopened in my bedroom and completely forgot that i had it. Why i had never used it i do not know but i love everything in there and might even buy the full sizes when i'm back working. 

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Meet My kitties ♥

This kind of post may not be everyones cup of tea but I am a HUGE animal lover and talk about my cats a lot on twitter so I thought it would be nice for you to see who they were as I absolute adore them. This may be a bit picture heavy as I have SO many funny photographs of the little terrors. 


We've had Casper since he was a teeny kitten, he is now 4 years old. He loves to adventure but he also loves to come home and have a good cuddle (usually on my bed). When he was only a couple of months old he fell out of the upstairs window and landed in a plant pot, luckily he wasn't hurt but he's been getting into trouble ever since. He's had 5 trips to the vets..
  1. When he was tiny To have the snip (poor boy)
  2. A Check up after he feel out of the 1st floor window
  3. To have some Tics removed
  4. A check up and swap on an Ulcer on his eye after running into a stick
  5. The most recent (yesterday) To have stitches on his leg after he ripped it open outisde, possibly on some metal.
His favoutire toy is hairbands and i notice my pot of them decreasing as he comes in and steals them! 

He thinks my keys are a toy

He sucks his paw!

He likes the shower..

And the shower for that matter

Helping decorate the Christmas tree

Sleeping on the clean washing!!


About 3 years ago a cat appeared in our garden every day and every night, she sat by the door and whenever my mum put food out for the birds she would eat it (pizza, crackers, bread etc) after about 3-4 days we were worried about her and let her into the conservatory for the night as it was very cold outside. She was also REALLY thin. Casper didn't mind her so we took her to the vets to make sure she didn't have any harmful bugs. We searched and searched for her owner but no one came forward and she soon became very much a part of our family. It's so lovely to think we probably saved her life.

She's 4 years old and is very very playful and still very much a kitten at heart. She likes the garden but wont go any further than that. She is possibly one of the thickest cats i have ever owned but that's what makes her so adorable. she is one mischievous madam! She's also fallen out of the upstairs window but she didn't fare so well, off to the vets went after her foot swelled up twice the size of the other one. Her favourite toy is paper balls, she goes crazy for them!

pulling the bows off the presents

Little red riding cat

Peek a boo!!

Opening my post!

Chewing my comb


Chewing my flip flops after dragging them out
of the wardrobe

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Disappointing Hair Products

First of all i'm sorry for being such a bad blogger recently. I've been lacking somewhat in inspiration as i've not been able to buy any products or anything at all for that matter since becoming unemployed (booo) as I have no income. I've moved back to Wiltshire this weekend so i can sort out work and find a house here for me and my boyfriend whilst he is working in London waiting to transfer back. So that means i am back and reunited with all my products (yippee).

No one likes to be disappointed with a product but unfortunately it happens to all of us at some point. I thought i'd share with you which hair products i have bought and found myself a bit disappointed with and why.

Batiste XXL volume dry shampoo
This is something that was massively talked about when it first came out and I'd heard nothing but good things about it. Having such thin and oily hair it sounded like my ideal product, but when I used it I found it left my hair with a really nasty dry texture, it made it look dull, scruffy and limp and it just looked like I had tried to cover up really bad greasy hair when my hair had only been washed that day and was barely even greasy. I've tried this 3-4 times using different amounts at different distances and the result has been the same. This is the only batiste product that has had this effect on my hair, i use their original range and it was well for a quick fix. 

Schwarzkopf got2b big volume hairspray
This wasn't a huge disappointment as I do like it but it wasn't quite as good as I thought it would be. It says on the can 'push up, plump up, ultra hold' which I think is a bit exaggerated. It does give my hair more volume but it doesn't really hold it for any longer than an hour, and that's pushing it. When I want big volumised hair, I want it to last for most of the day. I find it's slightly drying which for me isn't too much of a problem as I have oily hair but if my hair was any dryer it would be awful. A big plus for me is the smell. It smells amazing, just like strawberries mmm.

Samy Fat Hair thickening spray
Me and my mum both have extremely thin hair which with both struggle with. I'm able to wear extensions which helps me massively but my mum just wouldn't suit them at all. We saw this in Superdrug and thought it might be able to help us out a little and as i'd heard goo things about the brand we didn't even question buying it. It claims to 'transform fine,limp hair into thicker, fuller, stronger hair' and give the result of 'luxurious and healthier looking hair'. We both found that it left our hair feeling sticky and frizzy every time we used it no matter how much or how little we used. My hair did not look healthier, in fact it made all my split ends stand out and made it look in worse condition than it is. 

VO5 give me texture spray
I can't say much about the product itself as the issue I have with this product is the packaging. I have naturally curly hair and this would be great for those days when I'm not going out and don't want to wear hair extensions or use any heat on my hair. The trouble with this is that when you spray it onto the hair it shoots out downward in a fast jet and gives out far too much product into one concentrated place. It is just impossible to use. I'm not sure if I got a faulty bottle or something but when I run out of my heat defense I will transfer it into that bottle so I can actually use it. Let me know if you have this and have the same problem or not.

I'd love to hear about what products you've been disappointed with, so if yoolet me know what they are in the comments below.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

If you follow me on twitter you might know that i went to the Bristol Balloon Fiesta on Saturday. Me and the boyfriend went last year and had a really good day so this year we decided to go again. It's a 4 day event and  for anyone that doesn't know what the Bristol Balloon Fiesta is it's pretty self explanatory. In the arena twice a day there is a mass accent of hot hair balloons, there is also a huge variety of food vans, arena displays, a fair ground and loads of stands to have a look at and if you're lucky get some freebies from. On some days there is a night glow where all the balloons inflate in the dark and set off their burners in time with music which is alway a spectacular sight, followed by fireworks. On the Sunday the red arrows usually do a display and if anyone has seen them then you will know that they are brilliant! 

The weather was pretty average for the UK and there wasn't as much there this year compared to the previous year but we had a great day and tried to take a load of photos so i could post them on here. 

On the way in we saw a field full of deer 


Chicken Balloon

At the top of the picture you can see what the back end of the chicken balloon says.. (hehehe)

Unfortunately we didn't stay for the night glow as we were really tired, it was another 2 and a half hour wait and we knew it would take a good couple of hours getting out in the rush afterwards so we left early. 

On the same weekend my dad organised his annual fly in at his airfield so on the Sunday we popped over to help out and join in. As my dad deals with all the aircraft landing, parking, taking off etc we all had great fun playing giant jenger, wrestling in sumo suits, eating bbq food, and beating each other up with the giant boxing gloves. Here are some pictures of my Boyfriend and sister wrestling in sumo suits



Once you're down you're not getting back up!! 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paint Review: Nudes

Now I know a lot of people have been talking about these and reviewing them but I wanted to do something a little different. All of the posts I have seen have been showing the lovely bright pigmented colours you can achieve using Sleeks Pout Piants, which are very pretty. But I wanted to show you all the subtle nudes you can create with them as I haven't seen anyone do that and I know a lot of people aren't brave enough to wear bright shades, or like me they just don't suit you. I've also left this late so that I could properly try out these Pount Paints and give a good honest review of them. 

I had a bit of trouble getting hold of these at my local Superdrug which is a 10 minute drive away because it's having a revamp and they have decided they will no longer stock Sleek. I then discovered that the other 4 Superdrug's locally to me also no longer stock Sleek. This ended up with me having to drive all the way to Cribbs Causeway in Bristol which is an hour away to get them. Not impressed that I now have to travel that far to buy make up from one of my favourite brands. But at least I finally have them. 

As I can't afford to buy all 11 shades I only picked up three, I am hoping to get a few as time goes by though. The shades I bought were Rosette, Cloud 9, and Peachy Keen, I had a little play around with the colours in Superdrug and these seemed to make the best nudes. They are £4.99 each but at the moment they are 3 for 2 and you get 8ml of product. When I first saw these they were smaller than I had expected and my boyfriend said the same thing but these are so super pigmented that they will last you a very very long time. 

Far right, Top to Bottom - Rosette, Peachy Keen, Cloud 9

Applied spareingly these are a matte finish, but if you build them up they give a much more glossy finish. They are not sticky or thick but they are softer than a lipstick. My boyfriend complimented me on how smooth my lips looked whilst wearing these. They can be a little drying but that is easily avoided but using some lip salve before applying them. I would say the staying power of these Pout Paints was pretty good as they stay on longer than most lipsticks I own but obviously they don't last all day. 

Cloud 9 mixed with a small blog of Roesette 
Cloud 9 mixed with Peacky Keen
Cloud 9 mixed with a bit of Peachy Keen and a dot of Rosette applied lightly
(excuse the awful end of the day foundation)
Cloud 9 mixed with tiny bit of Peachy Keen and a dot of
Rosette applied thicker

When I first heard about Sleek Pout Paints I was so excited that I could finally mix up the shades that I had been trying to find for so long. But after buying them I realised they aren't really that practical. You need to apply these very precisely with a lip brush, using your fingers leaves a nasty, uneven, messy finish, which when you're out is very impractical. Storing the shades after mixing them is also another problem, along with being able to make the exact same shade each time which is very difficult. I mixed my shades up on a plate and left it on the side over night by accident and found that they hadn't dried out at all so I could use them again the next day, but I can see that a Pout Paint covered plate as a permanent feature on your dressing table isn't going to be many peoples cup of tea. Don't get me wrong, I love playing around and wearing the Pout Paints but they are not something I'd use if i was in a bit of a hurry. I personally have found that the pros and cons outweigh eachother but I can see why others would think these are a bit of a faf. 

Let me know what you think of Sleeks Pout Paints and the methods you've found for nicely storing the shades that you've mixed up.

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