Friday, 22 July 2011

Next Sale Haul

I'm really sorry this is so late! I've not been able to get any decent photographs, and what's a haul post with no photos? so I thought 'better late than never'. As most of you probably know the next sale started on Saturday and everything in the store was reduced. Some crazy people even got up at 4am to get there early. On Saturday I went shopping at Cabot Circus in Bristol with my boyfriend and his family and I would of been stupid not to pop in. 

I had a brief look around and managed to find a pair of grey skinny jeans in my size reduced from £30 to £15. The changing rooms were closed so i bought them there and then hoping they were going to fit. Getting jeans that fit perfectly are notoriously hard to find but i was so surprised when i got home and found these fit like a glove.

sorry for the poor quality

When i got home my mum wanted to see my days purchases and i found out she had no idea about the next sale. So of course off we went to our nearest next to pick up some more bargains. It was so quiet as it was around 6.00pm so we got to have a really good look around. My mum bought loads of bargains and I managed to find a gorgeous par of black heels. They were sat on the shelf at eye level in a perfect pair and a size 5. I couldn't believe my luck! I got these for £15 reduced from £30.

I didn't buy much but i am so happy with the bargains i managed to pick up and my mum is very pleased with hers too. 


  1. I never usually go in there but managed to pick up a few great pieces too! xo

  2. Those shoes are really gorgeous!

    I've just started to follow you.
    Please have at my blog & follow me if you like?
    Thank you,
    R x

  3. great purchases! these are great stables, and those jeans fit you so well! :)

  4. These bargains are lovely! You're brave for finding some jeans in the sale but it certainly paid off they look fab on you! And those heels are just beauitful :) I always forget about Next because it's generally a bit out of my price range but next time there's a sale i'll have to take a look!

    Lovely blog - following you now :)



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