Sunday, 10 July 2011

Natural Collection Favourites

I tried posting this about a month ago and when I posted it the whole thing turned into a crazy code and I could not get my original text and pictures back, booo :( so here I am writing it up all over again! 
Natural Collection (available in Boots) is a brand that doesn't get much focus. I have been purchasing various products from their range since I can remember and I can honestly say some of them have become a permanent item in my make up bag, so here I am sharing my love for them with you and most of their products are £1.99!! Bargain.
First off is their Loose Powder in the shade Neutral Translucent. I've used this for years and recently I've been experimenting with different powders but I keep finding myself going back to this. It goes on so flawlessly and doesn't leave you with that horrible dusty look that some other powders give you. I've also found that this shade goes nicely with most skin colours. It doesn't give you a completely matte finish but at the same time it sets your make up and gets rid of any obvious shine.

Next up is the Lash Build Mascara in black. This is literally the only mascara I ever use, I get so many compliments on my eyelashes and I always put it down to this. I actually prefer this product when it's a few weeks old and is more of a gloopy texture as it coats and curls my eyelashes much nicer than it does when it's brand new. I get round that buy mixing my brand new tube with my old dried out ones, perfect! And it doesn't make your eyelashes feel dry and crusty once it's dried, which leads to easy removal and no horrible eye scrubbing. I cannot say anything bad about it, I love it.

Finally their Lipstick in Apple Blossom. Now I know a lot of people have hated this but at £1.99 I had to see why so many people disliked it, not only that it looks so lovely swatched I couldn't understand what was so bad. Some of you may know I have really pigmented lips and I struggle to find a Lipstick that covers the natural colour of them and gives me a nice pinky nude finish which doesn't try my already dry lips out even more. I really don't understand what people dislike about it, It's moisturising, it stays on for a good amount of time, and it looks gorgeous! Not to mention I have had this a few months and I'm still on my first tube, that's pretty good going. I think It's safe to say this is my favourite lipstick of my entire collection and at £1.99 I can use it as much as I like because it's so cheap to replace.

I'll definitely be trying out more Lipstick shades and I've also heard that some of their Eyeshadows are great too. Let me know what you love from Natural Collection.


  1. I'll have to try out the powder and mascara! I have a love hate relationship with the lipstick, I love the colour but I hate the formula, whenever I apply it it makes my lips look dry and really unappealing! I might get it out again though and try it out (I do this a lot, throw it out and rebuy it hoping to love it) haha! xxx

  2. Your eyelashes are unbelievable! Please tell me you have a secret to that length! (apart from this mascara) x

  3. Aw I really wanted to try out Apple Blossom but they had sold out in the Boots I went into! Will definitely be keeping my eye out for it in the future as it looks so pretty! You should try out rose petal as well its a little pinker but its also really lovely!

    Hannah xx

  4. that mascara looks amazing, and such a bargain!


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