Saturday, 30 July 2011

Forever 21 Disappointment!

On Wednesday Forever 21 opened it's doors to shoppers in London along Oxford Street. Many of you will know that Forever 21 is massively popular in America but here in the UK there was only one store which was in Birmingham. With a store in London being very accessible for me and many others i was hugely excited to go and have a snoop around and see for myself what was so great about it.  So today i decided it would be the ideal time to go window shopping along Oxford street with my boyfriend as we both wanted to do something fairly cheap and enjoy the lovely sunshine.

I wasn't that impressed at how the store looked as soon as i walked in, maybe i was expecting too much? but by the time i had made my way to the back of the store it had more of the wow factor. The staircase was so pretty, there were chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, the Forever 21 logo was gently dotted around the store, not too in your face and it just had a really nice sparkly feel about it. And to add to that, the store was still very tidy. 

Of course with the store looking so lovely i thought i'd take a couple of photos to post on here, show you what it was like and tell you all about my trip. Unfortunately that's where it all went wrong. My boyfriend was really kindly taking a photograph for me as the quality on his iphone is much better than mine, when a woman came over, grabed his arm and told him quite loudly and aggressively that 'you cannot take photos inside the store'. She then walked off in very pompous manner before we even had a chance to say a word. I presume she was a manager or supervisor of some sort but i can't be sure. A few other people in the store saw what went on and looked a bit shocked. It didn't say anywhere in the store that photography wasn't allowed and there were other people taking photographs and not being told to stop. The woman (who was definitely a member of staff as she had a forever 21 badge on) then proceeded to stare at us as we looked around. We both felt so uncomfortable and shocked at what had just went on that we left the store, pronto. So quickly in fact that i didn't even have a chance to look at any of the prices. I couldn't believe the way we had just been treated!

Here is how the photo we were trying to take ended up after the woman grabbed Liams arm! I'm very annoyed that i didn't get to have a good look around and enjoy the experience in the store. I had been looking forward to going there once it had opened as i had heard so many good things about it from girls in the US. All i can say is that she really shouldn't of been so unbelievably rude to someone with a blog, as quite rightly i want to tell you all about my bad experience. It's such a shame that this extremely rude person ruined my visit as from what i did see it looked great!


  1. I won't be going in there then! Even if you weren't meant to be taking photos she could have politely asked you to stop! xx

  2. How awkward! Most stores don't let you take pictures inside these days so I usually ask first. She shouldn't have been so rude though and certainly shouldn't have grabbed your boyfriend!!

    Love J.

  3. I'd seen a few bloggers post with pictures of the store so I presumed it would be okay. I don't mind being told I can't take pictures but there's a way of doing it. I'll definitely ask in future x

  4. I HATE bad customer service. I know how it can ruin your whole day even if one person is rude to you. I try not to let it bother me but more often than not I get really worked up about it, if I were you I would have left too! Wonder how she got her bloody job though, there really is no need to be so rude about such things even if photography is not allowed. I've worked in stores with this rule and I've never felt the need to be an arsehole. I'm sorry that this experience ruined your first day at F21, I can't really speak for the UK stores as I've never been but I really love the stores in Japan and you'll probably love them if you go back on a different day when that stupid arse of a woman is not working.

    (ps. theres also a store in dublin which makes 3 in the UK now, sorry to nit-pick lol)


  5. @Sarah: Dublin is not part of the UK!

    I'm totally disappointed with the store here in Dublin too. It's been open since November and the only things I've bought from there have all been jewellery!

    Also I hate when staff act like they own the place, it's so rude and intimadating. That happened to me in the Kurt Geiger store when we were trying to take a picture of the display...I don't get how it's such a crime!

    Great post
    D x

  6. I can't stand rude people!! Thats shocking what happened to you and your boyfriend and if you want to write a complaint about the experience and how shocked you both were.
    I have witnessed and heard of many rude people who have a customer service role and I seriously wonder how they got the job in the first place. Some days people don't give a dam about what their role is as long as they get a pay packet at the end of it.


  7. it's a shame it was so bad for you, i can't believe the woman was that rude!
    maybe you should email and complain or something, she easily could have asked you nicely especially if she was a manager :/
    I was quite excited to go and visit F21 but after reading this & other people's blog's about it i'm not really that excited anymore!


  8. It's a shame but photography is never allowed in stores because shoplifters usually take photos to steal the items.


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