Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New Looks Bad Sizing!

I would of titled this post 'Moaning Monday' but it's Tuesday so that idea went straight out the window, just like my cat did. Yes that's right, my poor little kitty fell out of a 1st floor window yesterday and hurt her paw and back leg. I've been nursing her with painkillers (prescribed by the vet) and lots of cuddles.

Poppy's swollen paw

Anyway, back to the title of this post. Today I noticed a hole appearing in my linen trousers, which I wear when it's very hot weather as they're nice and airy and I don't have to get my lilly white legs out. So I decided to go to New Look and buy some new ones as I knew i'd forget about the hole in the 'Bum' area and wear them out by accident. Two minutes later I did just that and left the house in my holey linen trousers with my underwear exposed to the world, doh! 

My current pair are about a year or so old now, they're a size 10 and from New Look. So I bought some that are exactly the same without trying them on, not thinking anything of it. When i got home I put them on to find they were far too short and wouldn't even do up. What?! They're exactly the same size and my old ones haven't stretched as they're now tighter than they used to be on me. 

Here are the old ones in a size 10..
(sorry for the bad quality, my cameras focus was playing up)

And here are the new ones in a size 10..

There's a huge different between the two sizes! And there I was thinking for the last few months that i'd put on weight and gone up a dress size. No, the shops have just decided to make their clothes considerably smaller. This sort of thing makes me so angry, some girls would be really bothered by the fact they are now a size 12 instead of a size 10 and would go to extreme measures to get back into a 10, when really they haven't changed shape or size at all! I'm not impressed New Look and I'm sure other people aren't either. I'd love to hear everyones thoughts on this. 


  1. I'm the same! Its really annoyed me! I'm usually a size 16 and find that I'm now having to buy size 18 or even 20 clothes, when I haven't even changed size shape or put on weight. I don't think it helps give out a healthy image to girls xxx

  2. The difference in sizing is shocking. You should definitely contact them and tell them how disappointed you are in the quality of their products. And say that you've talked about it on your blog, send them a link to the post.
    It'd be interesting to see if they get back to you!


  3. The exact same thing happened to me!! I had a pair of their black skinny jeans a year ago in a size 10. So I went in and just picked the exact same one's off the shelf without trying them on.
    I couldn't even get them past my knee's!! I was horrified and couldn't believe how much weight I thought i'd put on.
    I took them back and ended up with not a size 12 but a size 14!!
    Im a size 10 in everything else, like you said, some people would be really affected by this, great post, thank you for making me see its not just me :-)
    x x

  4. thats ridiculous! i hope you contacted them. gemsmaquillage did a video on this and how some shops do it to deter certain sizes from clothes... but when its someone whose size 10 that better not be the case!


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