Wednesday, 22 June 2011

New Look and Home Bargains Haul

In the town where I live a new shop has opened called 'Home Bargains' so I popped in to have a look. It's like a really cheap English version of Lidl, when i say cheap i really mean cheap, they have bottles of Pepsi and 7up in there for 39p, madness! I picked up some St Moriz Tanning Mousse in Dark for £2.99 and a TRESemme value pack containing Deep Cleansing Shampoo and the Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo for £3.99

I then went to New look and bought some White Linen trousers for £20 which are going back because the sizing is absolutely awful. Hopefully I'll be able to swap them for a different size. I also bought a black 'Twill Lux Blazer' for £24.99 in a size 12 (another example of bad sizing, as I'm a solid size 10). I have one in cream that I bought about a month ago and I absolute love these blazers. I could buy one in every colour if I had enough money. They're great to wear with a casual outfit to make it look a bit smarter but also work well with a dressy outfit to dress it down slightly. 

sorry for the bad quality, black is notoriously bad
 to photograph and this is the best i could do

Right now in New Look if you spend over £35 you can choose a free pair of sunglasses. As I'd not long bought a pair of sunglasses from River Island that I really liked I decided to pick up a pair of aviator ones which are completely different to any other pair I own. I had been wanting a pair for a while and had planned to get some cheapy ones in Primark so this deal worked out in my favour. 

If you want to take advantage of the new look offer then i would head there quickly as it expires on Monday 27th June.


  1. Hey Samantha - love those shades!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway =) Where do I pick up your blog badge? Mine's on the top left sidebar xx

  2. i'm still trying to work that out haha. i've just Dm'd you on twitter,i'msure i'll get there eventually x

  3. wow I may have to start trying different shops out if you can get bargains like that tre emme stuff! :) following!x

  4. love the cardigan and aviators!


  5. Lovely buys, I really wanna try that tan! x


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