Thursday, 9 June 2011

Magazine freebies.

Right now there are some great freebies coming out with magazines in the UK so today I went into town to stock up. I Managed to pickup Red Magazine which comes with a free Jemma Kidd lipgloss, the June issue of Instyle magazine with a free Nails Inc nail polish and Julys issue of Instyle magazine that comes with a £5 Bodyshop giftcard. Unfortunately i couldn't find Glamour magazine ANYWHERE, which comes with some great Benefit freebies. 

Unfortunately because i'm a serial nail biter and i currently don't have my acrylic nails on i can't show you the nails inc polish on my nails. But i have been able to use and swatch the Jemma Kidd lipgloss which i love! 

They had a choice  of three colours, a light pink, a carol and a red. As i have very pigmented lips the only option for me was the light pink. This is a very pigmented lipgloss and definitely tones down my naturally bright red lips and leaves them looking a very nice creamy pink colour. The staying power is very good and it doesn't leave you with that nasty stickiness that some lipgloss' leave. 

i love this lipgloss and considering you pay £3.80 for the magazine and lipgloss (which is worth £14!!) you really cannot complain. This is such a great offer and definitely worth buying. Hopefully my search for a Glamour magazine improves so i can do a post about my Benefit goodies soon. 


  1. same thing hun i looked for glamour everywhere and couldnt get it :( ..finger crossed we find them soon :) xx

  2. I couldnt find Glamour either in any large supermarkets, I tried my local small newsagents and they had all three products! Hope you find some soon xx

  3. i got glamour and got some benfir products today and also company mag for some eye liner - i love a freebie xx

  4. oo i saw on twitter you cant find one, try morrisong i got one there and try local petrol stations they seem to have loads :) xx

  5. i had my boyfriend looking in London today and he couldn't find it either. Morrisons and the newsagents are the only places i haven't tired yet, thanks xx

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