Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Headkandy and Foxylocks Review

I've been wearing Hair extensions for about 4 years and over time they've gradually got longer and longer so not many people know that they're not my real hair. After getting through several sets from various hair shops in my local area I felt like I needed some extensions that were good quality and would last! 

With hair shops being very hard to find and very confusing once you do find them I took to the internet to find out what extensions were the best. I soon came across Foxylocks Extensions and Headkandy Extensions. After doing a lot of research and watching every review video on youtube I decided to purchase Foxylocks extensions first. 

Foxylocks Facts and Figures

  • 20 inches
  • Remy Hair (the cuticles are carefully aligned from root to tip giving you the best quality hair extensions)
  • 160 grams of hair
  • £74
  • 10 piece set (Full head): 
    One x 8" wide with 4 clips
    One x 7" wide with 4 clips
    Two x 6" wide with 3 clips
    Two x 4" wide with 2 clips
    Four x 1" wide with 1 clip 

My Foxylocks extensions arrived very quickly, I ordered mine in 'Darkest Brown' as that was the colour that best matched my hair. I was worried that they would have an obvious red undertone but after they arrived I could see they didn't have that. They were not as soft as I had expected, I personally think other reviews had over exaggerated their softness, but don't get me wrong these are still very silky. They blend with my hair very nicely and the clips always snap shut perfectly and grip to my very fine hair really well. I slos found these extensions very comfortable to wear with not itching or pulling. 

I took great care of these extensions using heat protection sprays and washing  them when needed but after 4-5 months of everyday wear they have become quite tatty and I find I need to brush them more often than I should. Curling them has become virtually impossible as they are too unmanageable. However I do put this down to the fact I wear them everyday and that they were my first set of good quality extensions. They have now become the set I wear on lazy days or if i'm having my hair up, which is fine with me. 

The next set I decided to purchase was the Headkandy Extensions as I had heard a lot of great things about them and had again done my research.

Headkandy Facts and Figures

  • 20-22 inches
  • Remy Hair
  • 180 grams of hair
  • £79.99
  • 10 piece set (Full head): 
    One x 8" wide quad weft (4 wefts sewn onto one) with 3 clips
    Two x 6" wide with 3 clips
    Five x 4" wide with 2 clips
    Two x 1.5" wide with 1 clip 

 The section on the right contains a sample piece which you
 can try before sending them back if you need to

These extensions also arrived very quickly, i ordered them in the colour Espresso  - Darkest Brown. These are more of a copper toned dark brown so I was a little worried they wouldn't bend with my hair, fortunately you can't notice it when they're in. As I would of preferred these extensions to be on the longer side, I measured them, they are just 20 inches but I did expect that. These extensions are incredibly soft, more so than the Foxylocks ones. The clips snap in easily but I do find that they don't hold as securely as the Foxylocks extensions and that they are not as comfortable to wear, mainly due to the quad weft being rather itchy. These extensions also come numbered so you can easily know where to put them by looking at the boojklet that also come with them, although I personally prefer to put them in my own way.

However so far I would say that I prefer the Headkandy Extensions over the Foxylocks mainly due to the quality of them, and not to mention that you get more for your money with Headkandy. As they are still quite new I haven't been able to test them out over a period of months but once i do I will update you all on my thoughts. 

Left - Foxylocks, Right -  Headkandy


  1. Your blog is so cute! The extensions look nice :)

  2. I'm so tempted to try some extensions as I used to have really long hair and I regret cutting it short! It's taking ages to grow back so I'd like to get some clip ins for nights out. Your review is really helpful =)

    My hair has some natural hi-lights so I'm not sure how to make sure I get the colour right!

    Gem xx

  3. thanks! with foxylocks you can send her a picture via twitter or facebook and she'll tell you the best colour match and i think headkandy have a similar thing where you can e-mail them a photograph or send them a colour sample of your hair xx

  4. So glad I found this post! I've been looking for some good quality hair extensions ever since I got my hair cut. It's nice to just have long hair every now & again.
    Definitely going to have a look at the Headkandy ones.

    Love your blog xx


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