Monday, 6 June 2011


I know a lot of bloggers have done these kind of posts but Graze really is worth a rave. I have been buying these boxes for a few months now and I love them. I've never been a big healthy eater but when i discovered Graze boxes i thought it was time try something new.

Each box costs £3.49 with free delivery and you get 4 different things inside your box, you can choose what day it comes, how often you want it to come and you can even have it sent to your work place! You can also choose what you have in it, you don't like nuts just go onto the Graze website and 'Bin' all nuts, easy! 

This week I had in my box.. 
  • Fruit and seed flapjack - Yum!
  • Bakewell tart mix - Yum!
  • Very nori-sh rice crackers - My fave! 
  • Love mix - Yum! 

Over time i've worked out what things I do and don't like and now every week my box arrives I always like what is inside. Use the code 7JGYCDV to get your first box Free and your second box half price! 

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