Monday, 13 June 2011

Benefit Freebies in Glamour Magazine

I'm a bit late on the Glamour magazines benefit freebie bandwagon but I had a really hard time trying to find them. As you probably all know Julys issue of Glamour magazine came out on Thursday including some travel sized Benefit freebies. So, after searching in all my local supermarkets and W H Smiths with no success I managed to find it very surprisingly in the little news agents inside Center Parcs where I work. 

I picked up High Beam and Posie Tint but didn't get Bene Tint because quite simply, I would never use it. I knew these products weren't full size, in fact they're only 4.0ml but I was still surprised at how small they were. But for £2 a magazine you can't go wrong. 

Having never tried either of these or any other Benefit products i was excited to see what the fuss was about. High beam was exactly what i was expecting, a very nice, easy to use, Highlighter that looks amazing on the skin. However i was slightly dissapointed with Posie Tint, which i found to be quite tricky to use as you have to paint it on and leave it for the tint to show up/dry out which leaves you with the finishing result. But i found that it didn't leave that blended look on the cheeks and was quite uneven, this could come with practice though. i would say it's much better suited to a lip tint.  

Benefit High Beam

Benefit Posie Tint

If you haven't already then i would head to the shops quickly as these are sure to be sold out very soon.

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  1. ahh! I gotta go and get it! I've always wanted to try something from benefit, or even any form of high end makeup haha

    come visit my blog and tell me what you think?


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