Monday, 23 May 2011

A-Z of me!

2 posts in one day.. aren't i on the ball?! I saw this on Lousise's blog and thought it would be a good way for my new followers to get to know a little about me and these things are always fun to read. Tagging you! 

Age: 18
Bed Size: Double but I need a king. Bed hogger.
Chore you Hate: Tidying my bedroom. Too much stuff, not enough space. Impossible task.
Dogs: Cats
Essential start of your day: Putting my leggings on. Comfy.
Favourite Colour: Peach/Coral
Gold or Silver: White gold and silver
Height: 5ft 8, waaa :(
Instruments I play: None, very talented i am.
Job Title: Cleaner! ugh
Kids: None.. yet.
Live: Wiltshire. soon to be London
Mum's name: Carol
Nickname: Sam, Samanth, or mamfee
Pet Peeve: Rude, lazy and messy people and Bad drivers! i have a slight case of road rage. okay maybe it's not that 'slight' haha!
Quote from a movie: I don't watch movies, i have the attention span of a goldfish.
Right or left handed: Righty
Siblings: A younger sister. Her name's Kayleigh.
Time you wake up: 8am on work days. 10am ish on days off. 
Underwear: Pretty bras and french panties. 
Vegetables you dislike: SWEETCORN!! 
What makes you run late: My hair, it's very thin, flat, receding and full of cowslicks. Extensions are my saviour!
X-rays you've had done: Teeth, belly and hand (my sister broke my litle finger, mean)
Yummy food you make: I'm a really good cook, i couldn't pick one thing. But Liam would say my Macaroni cheese.
Zoo animal: Giraffe!! 

OOTD - Giraffe top ♥

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