Monday, 23 May 2011

Lets get nude!

If like me you have very pigmented lips then you'll know how difficult it is to find a lipstick with enough coverage to tone down the harsh redness of your natural lip colour. I personally don't like having dark/red lips as i find they have the appearance of looking sore and make my face look too flushed.

I have been searching around for a nude lipstick that will completely cover the colour so I could use it as a base for other colours or use it on its own. On my quest for nude lips I have come across these. Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick in 250 birthday suit £5, Mac Lipstick in Myth £13.50, Topshop Lipstick in Nevada £8 and Barbra Daly Lipstick in Innocent £5.

(left to right) Rimmel, Mac, Topshop and Barbra Daly

I personally don't like the colour of the Rimmel Lisptick as I find that it is not nude enough and is more of a brown nude, I think the name 'Birthday Suit' kind of fooled me into thinking it would be what i was looking for. This is not a bad products, it feels very nice on and has good staying power but I just don't like the colour,.

Mac's Myth is probably one of their best known lipsticks and is often said to be quite 'concealer looking' however I find that my lips are so pigmented that on me it still has a slight pink tone and looks really nice on. The only problem i have with this lipstick is that it dries my lips out so fast and leaves a weird build up where my lips meet. This can be solved by putting a bit of lipgloss over the top when it's first applied. Myth is my favourite colour out of all 4 Lipsticks.

I've never really thought about trying topshop make up as I always thought it would be a bit rubbish. But after seeing a few youtubers rave about it I thought i'd pop in and have a browse. This lipstick is very close dupe of Myth colour wise, but the application of Topshops Nevada is much creamier. It's less coverage but you don't get that nasty dryness that you get with Myth.

Last but no least Barbra daly. This lipstick is very sheer on the natural lip so my impression we're very disappointing, so it got shoved to the back of my make up drawer. However when I tried it over Myth it looks so nice! It's a really nice consistency and feels the best on the lips out of all these lipsticks. 

I tried to get photographs of these on my lips but my camera, lighting and face were not cooperating so i had to settle for swatches on my hand.  

(Left to Right, Rimmel, Mac, Topshop, Barbra daly) 

With a bit of mix and matching these lipsticks work great together (minus the Rimmel one due to the colour). But if you're looking for a nude with great coverage them Myth by Mac is definitely the best. If you're looking for a great nude with a more moisturising feel or if you're on a tighter budget then Topshops Nevada is more for you.

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