Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Famous Dave

After seeing Wayne (gossmakeupartist) rave about this self tan i went on a quest to find out more about it. Every response i had when asking people thoughts on it was 'it's the best tan i've ever used'. It's priced at around £24 depending on what type you decide to buy so it is on the pricey side. 

I managed to pick mine up slightly cheaper from the Debenhams website as it was in a 20% off beauty sale. I chose to buy the Spray Tan in a bottle in Medium/Dark and the Tanning Mousse - Gold Edition. 

The Spray tan in a bottle is pretty self explanatory, you simply spray on the tan and rub it in using a tanning mitt. This gives you a very dark but natural looking tan and as it has a guide colour there is no streaking once it has developed. It does have that slight self tan smell but it is nothing too extreme. This tan is very dark so i would recommend buying the colour that matches your skin and not just the darkest possible (like i always do). This is great for a night out.

The Tanning Mousse - Gold Edition claims to be fragrance free and darkens according to your natural skin tone so you don't get that nasty orange look or end up looking too dark. I would say that it definitely does do what it claims. It gave me a very nice colour that was a couple of shades darker than my natural skin colour. This also has a guide colour to prevent streaking so you simply just apply it with a mitt. This is more suited to everyday use as it a lot more subtle than the dark spray.

Both of these Tans are great products. I would personally use each one for different occasions as the result is different from each one but i think it's great that they have something to suit everyone in their range. I wouldn't say it was quite worth the amount of money you pay at full price as it is a little pricey but it is much better than all the high street self tans i have used and i would definitely re purchase this when i run out. 

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