Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Balm Blush Review

A couple of months ago i won £100 worth of BrandAlley vouchers thanks to Fleur (FleurDeForce) who kindly done a giveaway to celebrate reaching 5,000 followers on her blog. After receiving the voucher i went straight over to the BrandAlley website to see what sales they had on. 

For those of you that don't know what BrandAlley is, it is a website that sells 100% authentic designer items at sale price for a short amount of time. so you can pick up some great bargains.

After a large amount of browsing i finally decided which items to purchase and here are 3 of their Blushers. Before visiting BrandAlley i had never heard of The Balm Cosmetics and couldn't find many reviews of their products and that is the reason for this post.   

Swatches from left to right: Down Boy, Hot Mama the Cabana Boy.

The first item i bought was the Down Boy blusher. First of all i LOVE the packaging on all their products, it immediately drew my attention to it. This is a really cute baby pink colour and is completely matte. This product is nicely pigmented and has very subtle look when it's on the the skin, making it very wearable. I did find by the end of the day it has rubbed off somewhat so i would carry it with you for any necessary touch ups during the day. i bought this for £8.00 and the RRP is £16.00

DownBoy Blush from The Balm

The next product is Hot Mama Blush, which is a lovely Peach colour with quite a bit of shimmer. This colour is great if you want to make your cheeks stand out but without putting much colour onto them. This is also very nicely pigmented and adds a nice glow to cheeks with it's shimmer. It is very wearable and if you don't want your make up to stand out too much then this is perfect. This also didn't wear of as much during the day as the Down Boy blush. This cost me £7.50 and RRP is £15.00

Hot Mama from The Balm 

The last blusher is Cabana boy, this is a really dark pink with a ever so slight shimmer which looks fab on the cheeks. This is a much more harsh colour when on the skin but if you like your blusher to look like it stands out more then this is absolutely for you. Again as with all their Blushers it is nicely pigmented and i didn't notice it wearing off as much. I bought this for £8.00 and the RRP is £16.00

CabanaBoy Blush from The Balm

I really love these products and i'm excited to try other things from their range. The Balm doesn't get as much credit and recognition as it deserves in the Beauty Blogging and Youtube Beauty Guru world so i'm hoping you'll all love it as much as i do. 


  1. Those products are lovely. I may have to try them as I've seen them lying around in TK Maxx a lot.

    Lovely blog btw, I'm following.



  2. everyone seems to find great things in TKmaxx, i need to start looking in there when i go shopping. Their blush' are definitely worth buying.
    Thanks :) xx

  3. Hot Mama is one of my favorite blushes ever! I seriously hit pan on it a long time ago. Its really pretty if you have a tan and sweep a little bit over simple brown eyeshadow. It really give your face a glow :D Really nice blog-I have joined :D x o x Marianna


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